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Rehabilitating school dropouts

Shabnam Resources, a social service organisation of Chennai, is to organise a workshop on November 30, 2007 on preventing school dropouts. Titled 'Re-enrgising Walkout (Dropout) Children and Youth Toward Better Learning', the workshop will be addressed by Dr SUbash Rawat of New Delhi, an exponent in blending theatre techniques with learning skills. Read More

Safe water, safe health

As the South West Monsoon rains spill into Tamil Nadu in the month of July-September, it leads to an outbreak of infections/diseases. The outbreaks could be due to water contamination. Keeping this in mind, Shabnam Resources, an NGO dealing with marginalised children, ran a campaign for children who study in government and corporation schools and children of poor neighbourhoods about safe drinking water. Read More

Kids rally against use of tobacco

They are themselves neglected children. But they took up the cause against tobacco on 'No Tobacco Day' (May 31) to instil the feeling in others. Read More

From minding goats to reading books

Shabnam Resources, an NGO involved in the rehabilitation of child labourers, recently intervened with goat herds and shepherd and a few duck raisers and requested them to send their children to its child labour alternative school. Read More

Action against child labour

The programme deals with administering the oath of office to children "who have been rehabilitated from the brick kiln industry to child education programme", says a statement from the organisation. Read More

A day at Anna University

It seemed like only a short while ago that they were child labourers. On June 28, they were in the prestigious Anna University, interacting with the college students and planning their future. Read More

Catching them young

The recent initiative of Shabnam Resources, a charitable trust that rehabilitates child labour from the brick kilns of Tiruvallur, near Chennai, is the 'Kids for Birds and Keep Clean Lakes'. Read More

A lively children's parliament

The young Ministers were bubbling with enthusiasm about their porfolios and the work they planned to do. The Chief Minister and Speaker stood out as good examples for the group of Ministers and Members of Parliament. All this happened at the children's parliament that was established by children rehabilitated from brick industries in Red Hills, Chennai, by Shabnam Resources, a charitable trust. Read More

Festival of hope & care

Shabnam Resources, an NGO, partenered with YRC Anna University, in providing bed linen, towels, fruits, pencils, etc., to sick children in connection with Deepavali. Read More

Shabnam kids get shoes

Most of the kids are child labourers who have been saved from the brick industry in the Tiruvallur area. It was a great blessing that they had been 'saved' from the backbreaking work and brought into the normal routine of a child. Read More

Shabnam distributes wheelchairs

Charitable trust Shabnam Resources distributed wheelchairs to the mentally challenged and disabled in and around Tiruvallur villages, on August 8, 2006. Read More

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Want to help?

You may send in your donations by cheque or Demand Draft favouring 'Shabnam Resources' to Shabnam Resources, (REGD. Charitable Non Profit Trust) Old # 5 New # 13, Buddha Street, Rangarajapuram Chennai 600 024 India.
Phone: +91 44 2472 1379

When you send a gift to Shabnam you are making an investment in the lives of needy children and we take that very seriously. We stand accountable before you and God to honor that investment.


 Rs.500.00 - will  provide one nutritious meal for a child for a week.

Rs.2000.00 - a sumptuous meal of pulao rice, chicken/rich vegetable curry, vegetable raitha and dessert for 30 children. 

Rs.4000.00 -a sumptuous meal of pulao rice, chicken/ rich vegetable curry, vegetable raitha and dessert for 30 children on Saturday and Sunday.

Rs.1000.00 - provides an education kit for a child. Includes shoes, note books, pencils, pens, crayons and a bag.

For further details email mrhubert72@yahoo.com


Shabnam Resources, (REGD. Charitable Non Profit Trust) Old # 5 New # 13, Buddha Street, Rangarajapuram Chennai 600 024 India. Phone: +91 44  2472 1379