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Shabnam Children's Summer Camp 2010

Summer Camp 2010

A Summer Camp was held from May 10 - 15. Children from many disadvantaged homes were the beneficiaries of the camp. Around 43 children in the age group 5 to 15 attended the camp. The program began every day around 9 am. Children had lunch from 12.30 till 1.15 and the program got over at 3.30 in the evening. Each participant was presented a T shirt with identity name sticker.

The faculty for the Summer Camp were:
Dr.M.R.HUBERT -  Director.
Mr.Wesley Lucas - life coping skills , basic English
Mr.Sudhakar - song writing/music/cd production
Mr.Talapathi - storytelling & children media
Ms.Terrancy - pottery painting
Ms.Sumathi - Rangoli drawing
Mr.Parthasarthy - Memory skills,
Mr.Thirukumar - Electricity safety and conservation
Ms.Neela - Basic Health and hygiene
Ms.K.Chwla - Speaking abilities
Mr.H.Benhur – Youth opportunities
Mr. Raja – Easy science

The Children's departments
Drinking water, toilet upkeep arrangements team
Food and snacks team
Games arrangements team
Tree planting team
First aid team
Program management team

A team of three Elder neglected women were the judges for the story telling program.

Mr.parthasarthy started the session on memory skills of how to remember the names of the children and close friends by using alphabet mix which was very interesting. Mr. Wesley Lucas covered on life coping skills, team work, conflict resolution, decision making citing different examples and experiences and there were some practical sessions too.

It was so practical that children were in tears during conflict resolutions where the simple element of FORGIVING FIRST as the art of giving was taught to them. It made some of our adults to think if at all we practice simple values to coexist among ourselves, there will be no 26/11 or 9/11.  Mr. Lucas had a game for the team work called SIT IN TUG OF WAR. The children had to sit and pull their team to winning point. For decision making Mr. Lucas taught them between impulsive action versus needed action. When children had the habit of excusing themselves for visiting the toilet and drinking water, he groomed them with the simple decision making techniques where we found a dramatic change in their behavior pattern.

Story telling which was handled by Mr.talapahthi  gave basic ideas on story telling techniques. There were four teams to perform each day about various subjects like facing threats, blooming of nature, burning the bridges, Living by values etc. Each team would perform before the judges who comprised of
elderly women from neglected homes.

The story telling developed and conjoined with song writing team in Shabnam children Media center. The song writing and music mix was handled by Mr.Sudhakar who helped the children to understand different music for various circumstances and how to mix nuances. The above training has ignited the children's creativity to contribute something more significantly therefore they came out with a theme called BIRDS SAVE THE PLANET, birds like chicken, myna, pigeon, parrot, crow, sparrows trying to save the planet earth against, global warming, human greed, unkind attitude, etc. this CD has a come out so well and runs for 15 minutes. 

We would be happy to send it on request. One must hear the dialogues of the crow talking about brotherhood , sparrows about the destructions of natural parks and greenery which has almost made them extinct, and the chicken crying about the broken home family situations.  

The pottery painting was creatively taught by Ms.Terranciya and Rangoli (traditional Indian art) on the porch way of Indian home by Ms. Sumathi. Mr. Thirukumar covered on the how to handle electricity safely and ways not to waste it.

Ms. Neela covered on basic health practices like washing hands, keeping teeth clean, wearing footwear and before nail cutting, dipping the nails in the water for 10 minutes and cutting them which would be easier and safer to cut.

Mr. Benhur covered on special class for the older children on ways to make a career path. Ms Chawla Helped the children to practice how to speak and present themselves in comfort.  Mr.Raja taught easy science experiments from school lessons which they would never have the opportunity to learn. The children were served delicious meals snacks, ice creams, etc. 

We went out for a lovely nature hunt and spent the day with deers and butterflies. At the close of the event, each child was presented with a educational kit consisting of a beautiful bag, lunch kit, note books, pencils, water bottle and shoes. The children were so excited and are looking forward to your blessings and good wishes.

Summer Camp 2010
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